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How to Increase Website Traffic Naturally

One of the biggest obstacles website owners face is learning how to

increase website traffic.

While there are numerous ways to do this, making sure it is done naturally is vital in order for
Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines to move your website up the rankings.

Increase Your Traffic:

So, how do you drive new traffic to your site, and keep them there in the hopes of converting them
into potential customers?

increase website traffic going upMany website owners believe that all they have to do is design and build the website
information architecture and site map, launch the site, and they will see traffic come. No longer
can website owners depend on the idea that once the site is built, people will come, because it
just is not that easy.

Don.t panic if you believed this was the case, as there are many ways to

increase website traffic.

On a monthly basis over 10 billion searches are performed on Google alone. The web space is now all about
competition and who get noticed first. In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to properly position your
website so that it can be found not only on search engines but practically almost everywhere.

Increase Website Traffic-Free:

You can get your share of the traffic on the internet if you decide to follow these simple guidelines. The best part of it is
that they are low-cost techniques that you can use to drive traffic to your website.

Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Press Release To Increase Website Traffic:
Schedule a press release with your local print media and tell the public about your services or products and why it is
so good. Remember to highlight the reasons why your services or products are better than your competitor’s. If you
are able to have a journalist as a friend, this makes it a lot easier.

Increase Website Traffic with Blogs…

Be Social To Increase Website Traffic:
Social feeds are a vast field of potential clients. With over a billion users on Facebook alone, it is a gold mine that
should be tapped into. So create a page for your brand on Facebook, get on Twitter and also LinkedIn. Pick the best
social medium for your brand and focus your energy on building followers on it. Research into where your customers
are likely to be found and create a presence there.

Brand Signature To Increase Website Traffic:
Add your signature to all your correspondences. Your signature should always include your website address, your
own name, social media links, email address and contact phone numbers. Remember to always include this in your
emails and on your complimentary cards.

Posting on forums To Increase Website Traffic:
Identify a forum where your clients are likely to visit and contribute regularly to it. Register an account there and
engage your users. Answer questions and help people solve their problems. Remember, it is not about promoting
yourself initially. When you help people out, they start to take interest in you and will visit your website to find out
more about you.

Write Articles To Increase Website Traffic:
Write articles and submit to articles directories. There are popular articles directories that people visit when looking
for information. Submit your articles to this directory. Write topic provoking articles or articles that have been well

Search Engine Optimization To Increase Website Traffic:
If you have the technical capability, you can either do an in-house optimization or you can outsource. Search Engine
Optimization is a process whereby you make your website more visible on search engines. This way if someone does
a search for a product you offer, your website is likely to show up on the search engines result page. Remember the
more ranking you get on these search engines, the more traffic it sends to your website.

Directories To Increase Website Traffic:
Submit your website to online directories. There are free and paid directories. Do a Google search for directories and
you will be sure to find one. Make sure you submit your website’s URL to the appropriate category. Example of a
directory you can submit your website to is Yahoo directory.

Getting people to visit your website will not happen by accident. You need to properly position your website.

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Author: Steve Berchtold